Can people sense attraction between two people?

Sometimes it is easy to tell when two people have chemistry, while other times you might need to play detective. Signs of attraction can range from subtle touches to a desire to spend time together.

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1. Eye contact

If you catch someone’s eyes and they don’t immediately look away, that’s a strong sign that they like you. It’s like their eyes are mesmerized by your beauty, and they can’t help themselves from taking a quick glance at you.

If the person you like tries to avoid eye contact, it could be an indication that they are nervous about making a connection with you. This can also be a sign of social anxiety or a mental health condition, like an eating disorder or depression.

Another sign that the person you like is interested in you is if their pupils dilate when they look at you. You might think this is a sign of drug or alcohol use or a trip to the optometrist, but it’s actually a very powerful signal of attraction.

2. Smiling

When people like each other, they want to do things that demonstrate their mutual affection. This can include small acts of kindness, like getting you an iced coffee on a hot day or helping you up when your legs are tired from walking all over the city.

Smiling is another way that people show they enjoy each other. If someone is smiling frequently when they talk to you, it’s a sign they’re interested in you. They may also be teasing each other — a form of flirting that involves sharing things only they know about one another and relying on inside jokes.

If they’re not teasing you, they may be noticing your body a lot more, too. This is because their smiles are likely to get a stronger reaction from yours, which indicates that they’re interested in you.

3. Leaning in

When people are attracted to each other, they want to be around each other as much as possible. They may unconsciously linger a bit longer during conversations, or they might try to catch each other’s eyes a little more frequently and for a few more seconds than usual.

They may also lean their bodies toward you, shifting from a standing position to a sitting one. This stance puts them in your intimate zone, which is a clear indicator that they feel comfortable and secure in you.

You might also notice them mirroring your gestures, posture, or facial expressions. This is called subconscious synchronization and indicates that you’re on the same wavelength. If they’re teasing you playfully, it’s another sign that they’re into you. The playful banter can quickly turn into a full-blown flirtation.

4. Touching

People who are attracted to each other will often touch one another, even when it’s not intentional. It could be as simple as touching a stray strand of hair or fiddling with a new piece of jewelry they’re wearing. It shows that they’re comfortable with and enjoy the physical contact they have with each other.

They’ll also use every excuse they can to be near each other physically. For example, they’ll bring their hips to the same spot on the couch or hold hands while walking on the sidewalk.

They’ll also keep glancing at each other’s bodies, subtly checking out every inch. This happens whether they’re in a group of friends or alone with one another. This is an indicator that they’re thinking about each other and may have feelings for them.

5. Talking

If the person is a part of your everyday life, and you find yourself having conversations with them that go beyond superficial pleasantries, it’s probably because of mutual attraction. This includes talking about personal things like your day at work and reliving funny stories together.

They also might start to remember the little details about you — how you take your coffee or what color hair you prefer — which is a sure sign they like spending time with you. They might even tease you in a way that isn’t meant to be hurtful, but is instead flirtatious.

Their eyes will likely be drawn to you, and the two of you may have a hard time focusing on other people in the room. This is because they want to spend more time in your presence, and their faces brighten up whenever they’re around you.